WA Shellfish Trail
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steam. slurp. savor.


Succulent & essential, Washington’s bivalves.


Understanding the role of shellfish in our communities is essential to the long term health of our shellfish resources. The Washington Shellfish Trail emphasizes the interconnectedness of aquaculture within our rural communities and the value of shellfish to our well being.

Upcoming Shellfish Events


bivalve identification

Ever wondered what the difference was between a butter clam and a geoduck? Quite a lot!

Shellfish Itineraries

Your next adventure on Washington’s coast should include the freshest seafood at some of the

Farms & REstaurants

We love our mullusk mavericks in Washington! Whether it be tending the tides or the tables — the Washington seafood scene is spectacular!


On many public beaches in Washington all you need to harvest your own shellfish is a shovel, bucket and license! Here’s a few places your whole family will dig!

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