The waters of Washington State are home to some great mollusks and the folks that farm them. Whether you wish to grab the family and head to a beach to harvest your own; looking for a great restaurant to try some of Washington’s finest bivalves; hoping to visit a farm and compare the different “merrier” and meet our harvesters; or check out one of the fun and unique events around the state – here’s a few options!


Public Beaches

Each year, state and tribal shellfish biologists perform clam and oyster population surveys on the important public beaches. Some beaches are stocked with oysters and clams – ready for the harvest!


Farms & Restaurants

You can’t go wrong with locally sourced Washington shellfish. Oysters pulled right from Willapa Bay or Hood Canal – scallops delicate prepared at an area restaurant – here’s a few ideas to get started!


Events & Festivals

Okay, so a geoduck isn’t really a duck, it really is a prized delicacy bivalve with a really fun to say - and mimic - name! Check out some of these Washington events where you can fully immerse in your favorite shellfish!